Eating Dog for Dinner

We had A Man’s dad and his wife round for lunch yesterday, and given that I was at work until 2, he cooked (again!  I’m getting really quite lazy!) the most fantastic roast pork.  His dad has pigs, and brought the joint with him – part of the pig called Dog which was slaughtered a few weeks ago.  I know a lot of people are squeamish about munching down something you knew when it was alive, but it’s really important not to detach yourself from where food (especially meat) actually comes from, and providing you originally planned to keep the animals for food it’s incredibly rewarding.  Here’s a picture of the fabulous roast pork with home-made apple sauce, excellent crispy roast potatoes and sweet potatoes, swede and carrot mash, cauliflower cheese, crackling and home-made gravy (yeah, I know – the ‘non-diet’ didn’t start until today!) and what I did with the leftovers.

One final word, in memory of a delicious pig.  Cheers Dog – you tasted good!


Gemma xx

This photo cannot convey how utterly perfect this roast was! I think A Man was pretty chuffed with himself, given that he insisted on taking the photo of his creation 🙂

Pork and Stuff

There’s a long running joke in my family that when A Man was at university, all he ever cooked himself was “Pork and stuff” – the ‘stuff’ originally consisting of a white sauce, and later coming to mean anything which happened to be served with pork.  This stew is today’s version which was the result of my slinging a whole load of leftovers into the slow cooker.

  1. Chop the roast pork into fairly large chunks and place in a slow cooker pot or oven-proof dish/pan with anything else which was left from roast dinner.  I put in the juices from the meat plate, gravy, apple sauce and cauli cheese.  I also added the carrot and celery from the stock.
  2. Mix in some stock of your choice.  I happened to have cooked up a couple of gammon shanks yesterday evening in order to have cold meat for sandwiches during the week instead of buying ham, which resulted in the most fantastic, concentrated ham stock the consistency of the jelly in a pork pie.  This was done in the same way as when I made soup a little while ago, and to the cooking water I had added peppercorns, carrot, celery and the peelings from the apples used to make the sauce for dinner.  I’ve frozen the rest for later use.
  3. Cook in the slow cooker on ‘high’ for 3 – 4 hours, or in the oven at a fairly low heat.  Obviously, you don’t have to worry too much as everything’s already cooked, but if you leave it for quite a while the meat becomes beautifully juicy and tender and falls apart as you eat it.
  4. When nearly ready to serve, stir and add some cornflour mixed with cold water if required, to thicken the gravy.  I served this stew with boiled new potatoes and some fairly elderly steamed cabbage which I found lurking in the fridge in need of being used up.

Unfortunately this is somewhat on the beige side. It tasted good, honest! Clearly I will never find employment taking photographs for those 'classy' restaurants that have pictures of the (invariably fried) food all over their menus...


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