The First Mince Pies of the Year

Just a quick photo of my first mince pies using my port and cranberry mincemeat.  It’s December 1st, so I decided that I had no choice but to attempt to get into the spirit!  I have to say, I’m dead chuffed with the mincemeat – it’s very tasty, with quite a lot of depth and complexity.  Much more solid in the jar than bought mincemeat is, but I daresay that’s a combination of a higher fruit ratio and having melted the suet so as better to preserve it.  The pastry, however, was disappointing.  They were slightly overcooked, and the pastry was some leftover sweet stuff I’d used in a recent attempt at a Tarte Tatin which had been in the freezer.  It was too soft, so a nightmare to roll, and far far too sweet which is a real shame.  I don’t normally sweeten pastry, for good reason!  But they’ll do for the first batch.


Love love

Gemma xx


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One thought on “The First Mince Pies of the Year

  1. Lisa Pouncy December 4, 2011 at 10:18 pm Reply

    They were very tasty and actually the pastry didn’t taste too sweet with the tart mincemeat 🙂

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