The day of decoration

Hello hello hello hello hello

I had an exam this morning (boo!) so decided to do something fun this afternoon and decorate my Christmas cake (that and the fact I wanted ready for when everyone comes for dinner on Saturday).  Last year, I made a massive square cake for a Christmas dinner for 40 and iced it like a gift wrapped round with a big bow, and this year I decided again to use the marvel that is ready to roll fondant icing.  I’m not particularly artistic, but pretty chuffed with the way it came out, even if it does look like a top hat which belongs to a circus ringmaster…  and remember those miniature fruit cake muffins I made?  They’ve been given a makeover too and I am blissfully pleased with what they look like!  I’ve also made pastry today, but the mince pies can wait till tomorrow, when I’m also doing the paté.  Mmmmm, yummy!

How do you like to decorate your Christmas cake?  Do you go for something traditional?  Maybe little reindeer figurines?  Or glazed fruit and nuts?

Love love

Gemma xx

Yes, there really is a fruit cake under there!


I really enjoyed icing these little muffins to look like puds! They were turned upside down, so the wide end is on the bottom - as if they'd been turned out from little basins and covered over in sauce 🙂


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