‘Tis the season for the annual get-together

Fa la la la la la la la la

Good evening.  It’s been a busy weekend!  An exam on Friday, followed by lunch in the biggest restaurant in Britain, the pub and a  friend arriving on Friday night, and the big one yesterday: our annual Christmas dinner with our friends from home, and this time A Man and my turn to host.  I love seeing these guys!  We used to spend all our time together in college, and have been on several holidays together, but since we have gone to uni/got grown-up jobs/met new partners, we’ve dispersed across the country, and we seem doomed to only ever be able to all meet up for Christmas every year.  It’s a group of people I love very very dearly, and no matter how long it’s been since we saw one another, it’s always exactly the same whenever we do meet up.

This year was particularly poignant as one of our friends is moving to New Zealand for an indeterminate period on 28th December – this may be the last time we can all do this.  Cue tears and reminiscing.

It was a fantastic weekend – we ate too much, drank too much, created an inordinate amount of washing up and played silly board games.  I was pretty damned chuffed with the food and somehow we managed to get everything on the table cooked and hot(ish), despite not really having enough oven space!  To summarise, dinner for nine involved:

Paté and Prawn Cocktail for starters
Roast Pork
Roast Duck
Quorn Roast (for our veggie friend)
Roast Potatoes
Roast Parsnips
Mashed Potatoes
Boiled Carrots
Brussels Sprouts
Braised Red Cabbage (microwaved with apple, orange, onion, cider vinegar,  sugar, spices and root ginger)
Cauliflower and Broccoli Cheese
Yorkshire Puddings
Meat-pan Gravy (made with ham stock from the freezer)
Home-made Mince Pies, Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding with clotted cream

And now we’ve just got to deal with the leftovers!  Tonight’s dinner, perhaps unsurprisingly, a second helping of roast dinner.  I predict soup occurring later in the week!

Love love

Gemma xx

My beautifully laid dinner table (with accompanying mismatched chairs). It's the first year we've managed to all sit round a table - usually we're cross-legged on the floor with our dinner on our knees. I have to admit, I set the table before my guests arrived and it brought me an inordinate amount of joy to do so!

The aftermath we had to deal with this morning, complete with the broken chair to the right of the table. Blurriness possibly to do with the camera, or the hangover of the person taking the photo...


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One thought on “‘Tis the season for the annual get-together

  1. […] by succeeding last year in melting one of the plastic basins in a friend’s saucepan at our annual get-together (whoops!).  They’re pretty too, with their polka-dotted exteriors.  I got one 2-pint basin […]

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