Home-made Hampers


Just a quick post with a little photo of the bits I plan to put in the little hampers I’m making up for a few family members.  I love these little collections of home-made goodies, and they’re all being packaged wrapped in lots of tissue paper, in gold and silver boxes with patterns on.  The ramekin is symbolic – I plan to make some more paté, but clearly this can’t be done too far in advance or it won’t last.  I have also considered making some mini mince pies, but I’m debating whether they’ll survive the trip home or will end up crushed.  So currently, each little box consists of:

  • A small bottle of either mixed fruit vodka or raspberry and honey whisky
  • A jar of home-made apple chutney
  • One of the mini Christmas cakes I recently iced
  • A small ramekin of duck paté

Anyone else making Christmas presents?

Love love

Gemma xx

Bonus Christmas tree in the background to try and make the photo look festive 🙂


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