Mussels for One

Well hello there

I bought from the supermarket the other day a rather large bag of fresh mussels, reduced due to being short-date.  As I have mentioned before, I adore seafood but A Man is not anywhere close to as fond, so I decided to treat myself to them for a lunctime gorge-fest on Monday.

Quick to cook and very cheap, mussels are a much more approachable home-cooked food than many people think and if you’ve never tried them, well worth giving a go.  They’re sweet and taste of the sea and look pretty impressive when presented in-shell at the table, with a large empty bowl to dispose of the old shells.  Traditionally done in white wine, I steamed mine in apple juice.  If you’re squeamish about knowing where your food comes from, this probably isn’t for you – the mussels are live until cooked, and you can actually end up in a tug-of-war with the mussel when removing the beards.

Love love

Gemma xx

Quick Steamed Mussels

Fresh mussels
Diced onion
Apple Juice
Bread, to serve 

  1. Give your mussels a rinse in cold water and remove any beards  and barnacles.  Chuck away any that are open and don’t close when you tap the shell firmly.
  2. Fry off the onion in a little olive oil until starting to soften, and add a small glass of apple juice.
  3. Chuck the mussels into the pan and put the lid straight on to start them steaming.  They will be cooked once fully open – this won’t take long, and you don’t want them to cook for too long or they turn rubbery.  The orange-fleshed ones are females and the whiter ones are males, rather than any sort of indication of quality.
  4. Serve immediately in the shells with the cooking broth.  To pull the mussels from the shells, pick one out with your fingers, then use the springy empty shell to deal with the rest of them.  Discard any that haven’t opened.  Soak up the broth with some nice bread.  Yum!

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5 thoughts on “Mussels for One

  1. Lawrie Greenfield January 11, 2012 at 4:43 pm Reply

    Apple Juice – inspired!

    • clumsylawyer January 11, 2012 at 5:12 pm Reply

      Why thank you 🙂 I used it instead of white wine because I decided that buying a bottle just for myself for a mid-week lunch was a tiny bit on the extravagant side 🙂

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