Turkey Chilli


I was intending to make beef chilli tonight, but forgot to take the mince out of the freezer before I went to school this morning.  I decided that, rather than defrost it in the microwave I’d just go to the supermarket and pick something up.  We haven’t eaten turkey for a while, and it’s particularly good for chilli.  It’s both cheaper and leaner than beef mince and makes a nice change, although beef mince would work perfectly here too.

I love smoked paprika, and always put loads in my chilli.  You can use your own favourite spices and the quantities given are only a guide – play with the ingredients.

Although you may be concerned about putting chocolate in a savoury dish, give it a go – it adds depth and doesn’t taste sweet at all.

Love love

Gemma xx

Turkey Chilli

I was shocked when A Man succeeded in eating that mountain of rice! But I suppose he had just been to kickboxing, so I'll let him off. Also, excuse the presentation - he'd already started eating when the photo was taken 🙂

1 red onion, diced
4-5 cloves garlic, chopped finely
Large handful of mushrooms, diced
2 carrots, diced
1 red chilli, chopped
4 spring onions, sliced
2-3 teaspoons chilli powder
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
3-4 teaspoons smoked paprika
Minced turkey (or beef)
1 tin kidney beans, drained
1 tin chopped tomatoes
1 teaspoon sugar
Salt and pepper
1 dessertspoon tomato purée
A couple of squares of dark chocolate

  1. Fry the onion and garlic in a little olive oil.  Add the mushrooms and carrot and cook for several minutes to soften.
  2. Add the chilli, spring onions and spices and fry for a couple of minutes.
  3. Add the turkey and fry until cooked, stirring frequently.  Once the meat is cooked, taste it to check the spice.  Adjust the spices if necessary.
  4. Stir in the kidney beans, tomatoes, sugar and tomato purée.  Season to taste.
  5. Cook for around 15-20 minutes to develop the flavours.  Just before serving, melt the chocolate into the sauce.
  6. Serve with boiled rice, sour cream and grated cheese.

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