I’ve been just so busy! Café review – Under the Stars, Bristol

Hello people!

I will be back blogging soon, but I’ve been doing lots and lots of stuff requiring me not to cook dinner recently 🙂  For one thing, my freezer is full of leftovers, so I’ve not really been doing a great deal of cooking even when I’ve been at home.  For another, we went on Wednesday for dinner at our wedding venue with both sets of parents (excitement!!) and A Man and I also stayed the night there.  It was a lovely evening and I’m really starting to visualise the wedding now.  Unfortunately, I had about 2 hours’ sleep.  It was fairly relaxing insomnia though; I could hear the brook across the way and the owls hooting (which eventually turned into the dawn chorus…).  The venue is up in the hills, and I’m so glad we picked somewhere that feels so out of the way despite being pretty close to the nearest town so it’s nice and easy to get to.  I also went bridesmaids’ dress shopping with one of my bridesmaids.  It was a fab day and we actually made some headway with dress styles and stuff, so yay!

We had lunch at a place called Under the Stars in Bristol.  It’s a floating café/bar on a boat in the harbourside.  We had a relaxed lunch of some excellent tapas with homemade bread (we arrived for an early lunch and it wasn’t quite ready, so was very fresh!)and yummy teas and a fairly good vegetarian/pescetarian selection.  I thought it was very well priced – £25 for 6 dishes, a bread basket and drinks.  I’m so glad we chose to eat there as it was something a bit different and gave us a chance to have a good old catch-up.  And we just kept on eating, even though we were full – a testament to how nice the food was.  We had patatas bravas, baba ganoush, stuffed peppers, greek salad, gambas ajillo and risotto ball stuffed with mozzarella as well as the bread basket.  If you have a Taste card and book in advance, you can get 50% off the food prices, so it’s even better value.  A perfect location for ladies who lunch 🙂

No food post tonight – we’re having leftover paella from the freezer.

Love love

Gemma xx


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