Return of the Beef with Creamy Mushroom Sauce


If you’re a regular reader, you may remember that a couple of weeks ago I posted a recipe for steak in creamy mushroom sauce without any pictures.  Yesterday, I made something very very similar to be heated up tonight, but with a few key differences.  I won’t bother posting a detailed recipe, but here are the highlights:

  • I used a combination of oyster, shiitake and portobello mushrooms in the sauce
  • Rather than use a cream base, I made a simple white sauce to which I added some white wine, lots of black pepper and the fried mushrooms
  • My meat wasn’t steak, but rather leftover roast beef.  I roasted a rib of beef yesterday for dinner and the beautifully rare meat was lovely and tender in this sauce – I just stirred it through the sauce to warm through
  • Rather than new potatoes and cabbage, I served it this time with ribbon pasta and a carrot and fennel salad which cut through the sauce a treat.  The salad was very simply a couple of grated carrots and half a grated bulb of fennel, dressed with freshly squeezed lemon juice

Love love

Gemma xx

Excuse the crappy photography. Yet again, I used my phone and yet again it served to disappoint in its photo-capturing capacity.


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