Dinner of kings! And somewhat soporific. Time for a post-lunch nap!

I tried Roast Beef and Garlic Mushroom Stuffing again today, with a couple of key changes. The joint was a piece of boneless rib of beef, roasted for only around 45 minutes before being taken out to rest. The stuffing was simply put in an oven-proof dish and baked by itself for around half an hour. All served up with roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding, runner beans and leftover marrow and cauliflower cheese.  And of course lots of horseradish sauce and yummy gravy made with mixed meat stock from the other day.  Pudding to follow later on, if I can get up…


Happy Sunday, everybody

A Man and I are going on holiday next week (hooray!!!) and so made quite a specific shopping list before buying food yesterday to make sure we didn’t have loads left in the fridge.  We decided we’d have a roast today, and I could make soup tomorrow, my intention being to make stock from the bones.  Somehow we came back with a boneless rump of beef.  Not quite sure how, but never mind!

You won’t get a beautiful, easy-to-carve joint after stuffing it like this unless you’re a wizard at butchers’ knots and have a much longer joint that we did (ours was a tiny 2-ounce piece, but that suits us fine) but you should get one that’s lovely and moist and flavoursome.  The advantage we did have by having a little joint was that it doesn’t take long to cook, and you can chuck your potatoes…

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