Slow Cooker Steamed Almond Pudding

After our epic roast dinner earlier, we were a little full to have pudding immediately.  Luckily, it wasn’t ready so was quite easy to put off until later.  I used my home-made butter in this one.

Steamed puddings can be a thing of beauty.  Light and fluffy and reminiscent of childhood, topped with lots of sweet creamy custard and especially good when the weather’s as crappy as it has been recently.  And the other advantage is that they’re incredibly easy to make.  They can be cooked in minutes in the microwave, but nothing beats a properly steamed pudding – they come out a lot lighter and moister that way.  I’ve used raspberry jam here, but more or less anything saucy can be added to flavour the sponge.

Love love

Gemma xx

Slow Cooker Steamed Almond Pudding

Having grown up as one of 4, I've never made a steamed pud so small! It's sitting dwarfed on a side plate.

2 oz melted butter
2  caster sugar
1 egg
3 oz ground almonds
1 oz self raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla extract
Raspberry jam
Custard, to serve

  1. Grease a 1 pint pudding basin.  Mix the caster sugar with the melted butter until dissolved.  Whisk in the egg, almonds, flour, baking powder and vanilla.
  2. The batter will probably be quite thick at this stage.  Add enough milk for it to become just thin enough to pour.
  3. Spoon some jam into the bottom of the pudding basin.  Pour the batter over the top, and cover the basin ready for steaming.
  4. Place an upturned saucer into the base of the slow cooker and place the pudding on top.  Carefully, so as not to get any water into the basin, pour in enough boiling water to come halfway up the basin.  Switch the slow cooker onto high.
  5. Cook for a couple of hours, until the pudding has cooked through and risen.  Remove it from the water and turn it up onto a plate.  Serve with lots of hot custard.

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