We had the other 2 pasties from the freezer for tea tonight. Yummy!

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Love love
Gemma xx



Today has been a day of frustration.  Since yesterday afternoon, I have spent about 7 hours pinning and hemming a dress which still isn’t finished, and have consequently done very little else.  I needed some comfort food, and that’s just what I made.

I bought a cheap cooked chicken yesterday, which was good for very little because it was so dried out!  But in these pasties the meat is enveloped in thick, creamy sauce so it doesn’t matter so much.  The meat almost disintegrated into tiny strips, which it probably wouldn’t have done if it was more moist.  I used this Jamie Oliver recipe for leftover turkey, changing a couple of bits.  I didn’t have any leeks, which was a shame as I love leeks.  But as I had plenty of other veg to have with it I don’t think it really mattered.  I had gammon and ham stock…

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