Feeling Lazy

Hullo hullo.

I have been a bit lax on the posting front recently.  This has been primarily due to a lack of exciting kitchen activity.  I have been throwing things together which have been massive cheat meals!  The intention for Saturday lunchtime was a shop-bought quiche and salad; a plan which was somewhat scuppered by the fact that I’m incredibly clumsy and splattered the quiche all over the kitchen floor, annoyingly after it had been heated through and the smell was making me hungry!  Saturday’s dinner was tortellini with a chilli-tomato sauce and salad, Sunday’s was Moroccan lamb chops with cous cous, yesterday we had veggie mince enchiladas from a kit and today we celebrated the great weather with salad, sausages and a baguette.

However, I did make one thing this weekend which required a little baking skill, rescuing some overripe satsumas from the bin by making Nigella Lawson’s clementine cake.  It was made infinitely more delicious with the addition of a lot of crystallised ginger.  Yum!  My only other creation of the weekend was a glass of absinthe.  Unfortunately, when we came back from Amsterdam we only had hand luggage so I couldn’t buy a big bottle.  *sniff sniff*  Next time….

Love love

Gemma xx

It’s no trick of the light – it really was that colour 🙂


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