I’ve been neglecting my poor little blog for a few days, as the weather’s been great and I’ve been relying on salads for my evening meals, which (let’s face it) aren’t very exciting to blog about.
I re-hashed the cous-cous stuffed chicken as a summery way to roast the bird. Served simply with mixed veg roasted with salt, pepper, herbs and olive oil (I had onion, yellow pepper, fennel, baby carrots and beetroot) and some juice from the pan.



The other day, I was lucky enough to be able to buy an enormous organic chicken from the supermarket, which was marked down to £4 as it happened to be short-date.  I immediately chopped the legs off and shoved them in the freezer for future use, and then turned my attention to the rest of the chicken.  Technically not a crown (it still had the wings attached), I decided to roast it as if it were.  You can do this with a whole bird too, should you so desire.

With a crown, there’s a slight risk of the breasts drying out, hence my slightly over-zealous (but damned delicious) method of breast-moistening.  Not only did this produce superior chicken, but some of the best damned cous cous I’ve tasted in a bloody long time.  Even if you don’t eat it as ‘stuffing’ with the bird, it’s worth making anyway to…

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