Hen Party Cake Part 2 – The Beautification…


So, yesterday I showed you a sneak peek of C’s Hen Party Cake.  Now for the final touches which made it ultra-gorgeous.  I decorated what was technically the base of the cake, because I wanted a nice flat surface to work with, but if you’d prefer a dome of gorgeousness then decorate the top.  I made the icing differently to the Green and Blacks recipe, which calls for the chocolate to be melted first, the butter (around 40g for each 100g chocolate) added and stirred through to the consistency of thick pouring cream.  The icing is then poured over the cake.  You can use this method if you prefer.

For the Frosting

200g Milk Chocolate
50g Unsalted Butter

Melt the chocolate and butter together in a bain marie, stirring vigorously until they have reached a spreading consistency.  Using a spatula or palette knife, plaster the frosting all over the top and sides of the cake, paying special attention to the corner where the two meet (it’s a bitch to cover!).  Texturise the icing as you please.  Leave to set at room temperature (fridges do funny things to cakes and the two are best left separate if possible).

The cake after its frosting, with a bottle of pink fizz in the background which I bought for the trip*

For the Decoration

Mmmm, chocolate strawberries!  Even better, chocolate Bride and Groom strawberries!  I found how to make these over at mysweetandsaucy.com and loved them the moment I saw them!  For these I used a 400g punnet of English strawberries, 350g white chocolate buttons, 400g dark chocolate**, some white and pink pearl decorations bought from the supermarket and a little pink food colouring (don’t use too much or the chocolate won’t set!).  I also sprayed the bride with some edible pearl spray to make her a bit more shiny.  I made 1 bride, 1 groom, 1 vicar (a strawberry dipped in dark chocolate, with a little strip of white chocolate at the top) and the rest were split between male and female ‘guests’.  It takes quite a long time, but I think it was worth the effort!

A strawberry wedding!

Close up of the bride, groom and vicar

And one of their guests!

I’m hoping that the cake will travel OK.  It has to go to London tonight and Edinburgh tomorrow morning, all by train.  I’ll have to update you afterwards to let you know how it went!

*The writing on the bottle reads “Be Sparkling; Love; Taste Life; Be a Star; Celebrate; Spread Happiness or Go Home” I just adored the bathos of the final line and it seemed ridiculously appropriate for the festivities in question!  And who knew that pink fizz could be bathetic!

**There was leftover chocolate, but you need to have quite a lot for the pool to be deep enough to be dipped into.  I’ve put the rest into freezerbags which have been stuck in the fridge for future use in baking (probably next time I decide to make a cake).


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