Restaurant Review – The Pulpit Inn, Portland Bill


On Saturday, A Man and I had a date to celebrate our anniversary.  We went to Weymouth for the day and ended up at Portland Bill in the evening, having planned to eat at the Pulpit Inn just as we did 6 years ago when we got engaged.  I remembered the pub being friendly and the food being fantastic and reasonably priced, and was a little concerned that I was viewing the evening through rose-tinted specs.  However, I was absolutely not disappointed.

Being right on the coast, the Pulpit serves a variety of super-fresh fish and seafood and I took full advantage of this by choosing a half lobster, cooked with garlic.  It arrived looking beautiful in its shell with a nicely varied mixed salad and new potatoes.  I must admit I couldn’t finish my salad as I was so full up (but needless to say, I absolutely demolished that lobster)!

A Man chose duck breast with mixed veg and new potatoes.  The duck breast was large and absolutely perfectly cooked – beautifully pink in the middle with crispy crunchy skin.  A Man declared it to have been the best duck breast he’d ever eaten.  Yum yum yum yum yum!

I was too full up to have a dessert (and was quite pleased I hadn’t had a starter) but did have a coffee.  My one complaint would be that my coffee came with those little cartons of UHT milk rather than a small jug of fresh milk, but it’s quite a small criticism in the grand scheme of things.  Our two main meals, two pints of Coke, two white wine and sodas and a cup of coffee came to around £45; money very well spent as far as I’m concerned.  I would fully recommend the Pulpit and intend to return there, hopefully fairly soon!


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