Café review – Scoffs Café, Chippenham


Yesterday, A Man and I gave notice of marriage in Chippenham (yay!) and it took less time than we thought it would, so we got to go to a café before he had to go back to work (double yay!).  He recommended Scoffs, which is fairly close to his office.

I (and clearly also A Man) would absolutely recommend this café.  The staff were really friendly, the atmosphere was relaxed and it was reasonably priced.  I also love their ethos – supporting local producers, and providing great quality home cooking and baking – qualities I really respect in an independently run café or restaurant.

After A Man went back to work, I stayed for my lunch and was served with a truly enormous jacket potato with chilli, cheese and salad.  I had asked for coleslaw but hadn’t expected it to be a) home made and b) bloody delicious.  The chilli itself was well spiced without being too hot and contained loads of different veggies as well as the mince.  The portion size was incredibly generous and very reasonably priced – I happily popped my change in the tip jar.

I must have been in the café for around an hour and a half in total, and never felt pressurised to leave.  Even after I’d finished my mega-lunch, I sat reading for some time before I left.

If I’m ever in Chippenham over lunchtime (or even just fancy a coffee and a cake) I will definitely be considering Scoffs.  Yet another great example of why you should support local, independent cafés, coffee shops and restaurants!


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